The Top Notch Winter Creams for Dry Skin You May Want This Season 2019

Winter is a lovely season; a season of joy, celebrations, hot coffee, dry fruits and what not? However, the same weather can create a lot of exertion if we do not take care of ourselves, leading to flu, coughing and even dry skin. People mostly complain about dry skin in the winter season due to cold wind and reduced moisture. The solution to such issues lies in using different high-quality winter creams for dry skin which can keep our skin moist, hydrated and soft. Therefore, in this article, we will summarize one of the best winter creams in Pakistan for you to test that will surely be of great help. So here we go…..

Top winter creams to treat dry skin:

Lubricating our face, hands and feet is the most essential element in the winter season because of the weather. Therefore, using the best moisturizers for dry skin in winters is very important as it keeps us soft and smooth. Moisturizers and creams help us in reducing skin flakiness and skin tightness. It refreshes the dull-looking skin, making it glow and shine.

Not every cream is available locally. To get such creams, there is a dire need of an authentic platform that can ensure high-quality winter creams and bring them to your doorstep. For that, you can rely on us. ShoppingDesk is an online store that imports products in Pakistan from all over the world, making shopping very easy especially for people who don’t have any relatives around the globe or for people who are independent and need these imported beauty products as a necessity. Thus ShoppingDesk is a wide opportunity as it brings all USA beauty brands and gets it delivered all across Pakistan.

Let’s Review the Top Ten winter creams for dry Skin in Pakistan:

1. Dove beauty cream:

It is a women’s favorite used cream all over the world. It has an amazing odor that keeps you feeling fresh for the entire day. It helps in the repairing and renewing of the skin. It can be used twice in a day or even at nights to give you a glow and keep you silky and soft for the entire day. At nights it can help you enhance your beauty sleep even more because of it a beauty product.


Massage it lightly at areas on your entire face and see results in over a week.

  1. L’Oreal Paris hydrating cream:

L’Oreal is an amazing yet imported brand which helps in moisturizing and soothing skin at a faster rate. It helps hydration in less than four hours while making you look beautiful. It helps in the finishing of dark circles and it gets absorbed instantly. It is very beneficial for your skin. It boosts elasticity and helps in sagging of the skin.


Use of this cold cream once a day helps you get a healthy skin.

  • Nivea body cream:

Nivea is made of Jojoba oil and is rich in vitamin E. It helps the texture of your skin to become smooth. It works gently and nourishes the skin. It helps you contour your skin which is generally healthy for a visible glowing skin. It is recommended to be used as a part of your skin care regime. It is very popular around the world and is especially used in winters because of its thick texture. It is a widely used cold cream because after its usage skin becomes oily and soft.


It can be used daily after washing face to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

  • Ponds triple vitamin cream:

Ponds being a winter cream help in soothing the skin by repairing the cells in the depth of the skin. This cream provides intensive hydration and freshness. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It is recommended to use it twice a day and see the effected results. It has a long lasting effect too and is SPF free. It is easily available online and in all stores.


For best effects, use it before bedtime.

  • Fair and lovely cold cream:

This winter cream for dry skin is formulated with multi-vitamins which make it vital for the skin. Impurities, dust and dirt makes our skin look dull and drab by clogging the pores. Using fair and lovely, our skin will get an effective glow because it unclogs the pores making our skin look clear and fulgent.


Using this cream daily helps you to be more comfortable and relaxed because your skin will get pimple free.

  • Himalaya winter defense cream:

Himalaya winter cream is enriched with vitamin E and Aloe-Vera gel. It has an amazing fragrance which helps you be more comfortable. It works against anti-aging. It repairs skin by removing dark circles and spots, it also minimizes pigmentation. It is one of the best fairness and moisturizing creams.


You can use it twice a day for a clear and healthy skin tone.

  • Garnier Essential vitamin cream:

This cream gives non-stop comfort and softness. It is vital to dry and sensitive skin. Garnier skin naturals are made with essential rose water and vitamin E and also give aroma of roses. It is on-greasy and reduces dryness.


It keeps the skin hydrated, apply it on your face and neck twice a day for fresh and healthy results.

  • Vaseline by Johnsons:

Just as your skin dries out in winters and needs nourishing, Vaseline makes up for the entire day because it is filled with nutrients which keeps the skin hydrated. It is made of Coca-butter and has long lasting aroma. Use it twice a day for effective results. It is available in different varieties too.


It can be used to softened dry cracked heels and to highlight your cheeks. It is also used as a night cream too.

  • Lakme skin gloss:

Just as your skin needs lubrication in the provided winter weather, Lakme skin gloss makes up for the day because it is perfect cold cream which gives gloss as well as nourishment in the dry winter weather. It has glycerin present in itwhich helps in the regeneration of the skin. It stores skins firmness and elasticity too.


Use it to massage on your neck and face to achieve an emollient and soothing effect.

  • Olay moisturizing cream:

This cream helps in the process of slowing down anti-aging by moisturizing it. It regulates the flow of oily skin while enhancing it with a glow. It evens the skin tone. It is a luxurious skin pulping formula that fades away the age spots on the face. With regular use, it shows good results. It has no harmful effects.


It helps to make your skin firm and smooth at the same time.

Final Words:

All these winter creams for dry skin are available in stores as well as online on the page of ShoppingDesk. You can easily get them delivered at your home step by clicking a few buttons without the worries of getting fake local stuff. So what are you waiting for? Get all these imported products in a fixed time and look amazing wherever you go.

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