Terms & Conditions

A warm welcome to the consumers at shoppingdesk.pk!

Here are the terms and conditions for this shopping website that applies to all the sections, pages and categories of this site. The users and visitors have to agree to the terms designed by the company to operate and shop with us. 

1. The buyers log-on to the shopping site for buying the imported Amazon products in Pakistan and it is required to read and understand the terms and conditions of the site. 

2. It is assumed that the users have read the terms thoroughly and agree to all the conditions applied. The users are anticipated to agree to all the terms and if they have any objection to any of them they may not shop from it.

3. The company shoppingdesk.pk holds all the rights to edit, modify or update the terms or some portion of anytime without any notice in advance. The changes in terms and conditions will be in effect after the notice posted at the site. Users are requested to check this page often in months and provide their acceptance. 

4. Shoppingdesk.pk have provided the delivery time of 2-3 weeks (can be more or less) for the delivery of the imported products to make the consumers’ experience of online shopping in Pakistan the best ever. But, as we are importing it directly from Amazon (USA) so weather conditions and unfortunate circumstances matter in shipping There may be some delay in delivery due to unavailability of the items in the stock there as we only import as per order; or may be shipment delay by the vendor or seller at USA. The shopping time can increase in such conditions. In such statuses the company will inform the clients but will not be liable to any refund of the advance payment.

5. The users at this site should be above 18 years of age for shopping. It is assumed that the consumers are either 18 years of age at-least or supervised by their parents or guardian for shopping and using this site. 

6. The information at this site is used by third party for commercial or any other purpose until informed to the users in advance. 

7. The product descriptions and information provided is in accordance with that available at the Amazon itself by the original vendors and the shoppingdesk.pk just made those products available to you for online shopping in Pakistan. 

8. The pricing of each product is decided according to the shipping charges, taxes and clearance required.

9. In some cases when the order cannot be delivered in the holidays or due any other reasons and the user cancel the order; he/she will be charged 25% for the each product of the order cancelled.

10. The users are asked for verification and information before the confirmation of the order

11. The company reserves the right to cancel the order due to any reason at any stage.

12. If you get damaged product you can return it back to the courier at the spot and write us about the issue. The company will refund in 2-3 days of the complaint. If the bottle of some medicine or liquid is broken or leaked, we are not responsible for refund.

13. The company offers cash on delivery facility on the order of up-to 3000 rupees and the orders above this limit are required to submit  70%  amount in advance payment through the payment methods available at the site.